About Us

All my life I have been surrounded by amazing cooks. As a child we always sat down together as a family for dinner and ate beautiful fresh home cooked meals.

Now... I am married to a man who loves nothing more than getting into the kitchen and cooking beautiful meals.  Having grown up in California, where so many of their dishes reflect their neighbours, he introduced me to the diversity of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Growing up in an Italian household, we made fresh pasta and gnocchi most weekends. My Mum, Dad, brother, we were all in the kitchen preparing. My Dad loved to cook too. He had no problem jumping into the kitchen to help prepare the feast for the evening.

We were surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables. We made our own SUGO (and still do). We made traditional biscuits and cakes and we were surrounded by Mum's amazing cook book collection.

So here we are today.  Jay & I still love nothing more than being in the kitchen. We love new and interesting flavours. We love sauces, mustards and chutneys. But with many commercially made products, they are filled with artificial preservatives, sugars and salts. So we knew we wanted to make our own, for ourselves. We only use the best possible produce. We have complete control over the sugars and salts added and most importantly no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives go into our products. What it says on the label is what's in the jar!

Food is a pleasure. Nature doesn't need improving!

The simple gathering of ingredients & family brings so many pleasurable memories and feelings. 

Buon Appetito!  

xxx Luisa xxx