The Pickled Wife Dukkah

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A beautiful Middle Eastern spice condiment filled with lightly toasted spices and seeds combined to create a complex and aromatic side dish. The perfect entertainers condiment that's sure to impress your guests, a must have pantry staple for those last minute gatherings.

100% natural - free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavours. Gluten free, Vegan + Paleo + Keto + Pescatarian friendly. Locally sourced ingredients.


  • Dunk Turkish or Sourdough bread into a good quality olive oil & dip into dukkah 

  • A great spice mix to coat your lamb, roast chicken or Atlantic salmon for that perfect spicy, crusty crunch

  • The perfect spice to add to your roasted vegetables, especially potatoes and pumpkin.

  • Perfect sprinkled over your breakfast eggs

  • A lovely finishing touch over your homemade dips

  • Adds a great depth of flavour over your winter soups

  • The perfect spice to add to your oven roasted vegetables, especially potatoes